Closing Ceremony of the 1st World Cup

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Closing Ceremony of the 1st World Cup

Post by Peter on 13th December 2009, 14:24

Finals Match & Closing Ceremony of the 1st Sim World Cup
Live from Chihiro, Petrova

Welcome back to the finals match here at the last day of the First Sim World Cup, live in Chihiro, Petrova! The Closing Ceremony will be divided up into two parts: the finals match between the Principality of Queens(AUS) and Tongolia(AIN) and the second part being the closing presentation.

Here is the finals match with Tongolia and the Principality of Queens, both very strong teams. It is a very tough game, with halftime, both teams at 0. Finally, Tongolia managed to score two points. Principality of Queens scored in the 85th minute of the game, but it was too late for them to catch up at this point.

Then, finally, Tongolia beats their tough rival, the Principality of Queens, 3-1. And the stadium lights up in a huge fireworks display.

The closing presentation has started with the same water that was revealed at the opening ceremony. Holographic beams spelled out "Welcome my friends" and "Congrats" as the 15 teams walked out into the stadium field. The President of the Sim World Cup, Ny24, gave his speech and called this magnificent games here at Petrova to an end.

The night continued with a huge display of fireworks as well as a huge concert from artists all over the world. Good night to all!


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