Your country's history

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Your country's history

Post by JacobS. on 11th March 2009, 19:57

I ♥️ my time killers. So, here's another one:
Post your country's history. Organize it any way you want.

OK, so here's Kalnobia's history, organized in a timeline:

1189- the Celorian Empire, also known as the First Vaitu Kingdom, was established. By 1197, Cetoria reached from lands inhabited by the Curonian, Vaitu, Semigallan, Latgalian, Skalvian and Prussian Tribes. It also reached up into southern Finland, occupying the land around the Baltic Sea

1201- The cultural migration begins. This is when the current ethnic majority moved to the Celonian empire.
1215- The Celonian Empire is reduced to a small area near the Survmy Mountains (Modern Day Kalnob Alps)
1217- The Vaitu Tribes and Migrational Kalnobians form a combined government after a peace treaty between the rulers. They named the land Kalnobia, from the Vaitu kalnobesyi, which means "Magnificent Hills"
1259- The Grand Duchy of Lithuania conquers Kalnobia's land
1563- The Kalnob Language was finished, 116 years after it began to be developed in 1447.
1793- The Civil War of the Russian Empire - A Kalnob uprising marches into St. Petersburg and destroys government buildings. The Russian Military exports the rioters to the Ottoman Empire. Kalnobia's provincial military soon attacks Russia's Military and the war begins
1829- The civil war ends with a victory in Kalnobia's favor. The Short-Lived Kingdom of the Kalnob Province was established
1832- Another war begins and Kalnobia was re-instated into Russia.
1918- The Russian Empire becomes the Soviet Union. Kalnobia is declined it's independance.
1942- Nazi Germany attacks Kalnobia. The Kalnobian military wins with a casualty rate of 119,300 to 39,000; the third reich having the more casualties. They never attacked again
1966- The Kalnob SSR is formed by the agreement between Kalnob activist Cory Yelsa and Soviet Premier Leonid Brezhnev.
1992- The Soviet Union dissolves and Yelsa forms the Kalnobian Peoples Republic
1993- The Talov Revolution, also known as Kalnobia's Civil War, occurs. This forms the modern Kalnobian Republic
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Re: Your country's history

Post by Guest on 11th March 2009, 22:28

you had to go there? ok Perthshires history

1200BC: approximate time of arrival by nomads on Perthshire. Shortly after as legend tells a huge storm, possibly a typhoon, destroying the Nomads boat strands the group in the area known as Ludmillia.

1745BC: After 300 years on the island the nomads numbers have grown to levels where fishing in Ludmilla bay can not supply the group with food. About 1/3 of the group lead by Soia-mine(min ay) go through a small inlet to the other side of the island

1700BC: 45 years latter a settlement is founded on the opposite side of the island by Milu-Pert named Perthshire or Land of Pert

1500BC: original settlement is named Ludmilla- sea of our fathers

1223BC: Nautral gas discovered on the island in the pass between Ludmilla and Perthshire the two tribes fight over control of the pass Ludmilla is given full control of the pass.

1220BC-500BC: Perthshire and Ludmilla fight over control of the pass in small mini conflicts, the annual spring fighting tournaments begin.

520BC: Perthsherian King Sameul Hazo is declared Phoenix King after Lee Minerly falls to his death after Hazo approaches his palace. Lee Minerly mysteriously as legend holds turned to ash when his guards ran to get him help bringing the name Phoenix king.

500BC: Perthshire unified by Pheonix King Hazo after defeating Sun God Glinka in a legendary battle at Perthshire Palace. The two symbols the Sun and the Phoenix are combined to create the Perthsherian Flag.

320BC: The 32nd King of Perthshire Schote Minerly defeats the Japanese Navy at Perthshire

1823: after nearly 2000 years of peace British ships Land on the coast of Ludmilla and attempt to colonize the island.

1829: The British ships docked at Ludmilla are destroyed and Britian is forced from Perthshire never to return.

1894: after meeting with Russian Leaders Perthshire forms a pact with Russia v. Japan in the Russo Japanese war Perthshire acts as a naval base for Russia who eventually lost the war.

1907: After the Russian Revolution of 1905 Perthshire joins up with new Russian Government for an 'endless' treaty.

1920: The USSR attempts to convince Hazo XV to turn to communism

1929: Perthshire desends into chcho's after US stock market colapsse. Traders dependent on goods from the USA go out of business the USSR attempts to plant a communist revolution but is quelled due to religious laws at the time. Endless treaty is broken and USSR Perthsherian relations seem hurt. Perthshire forgives the USSR due to there economic surge

1942: Perthshire is attacked by Japan in WWII. Jappanese planes are destroyed. King Hazo XV creates an incredibly deceptive treaty that allows Japan to use Perthshire as a military base to invade Russia (under the pretence they are still mad about the USSR communist plant)

1943: Febuary 12th as Japan's army prepares to invade the USSR Perthsherian forces ambush the Japanese ships, planes and forces on the Island. Greatly unprepared to fight the Perthsherians a good chunk of the Pacific fleet is capture. Paying off the equivalent to 3.7 billion US dollars in ransom Perthshire returns the prisoners with a new treaty effectively keeping Perthshire out of WWII.

1944: With Perthshire out of the war the USA contacts them on using Perthshire as an airbase. Then Royal Port Authority Minister Jin-Taieh Muntero falls in love with an American woman. As many american's begin to move to the island with the war effort.

1945: After defeating Japan many american's stay English becomes a second language on Perthshire and slowly replaces ancient Perthsherian. Baseball becomes a major sport on the islands.

: Talks with the USSR begin over the arms race between the two Perthsherian allies. Perthshire convinces both Stalin and Eisenhower that Perthshire has the atomic bomb and will use it on either country if they attempt to pull Perthshire to either side of the conflict. Weeks latter Stalin dies in what some Communist conspirators claim to be a Perthshirian led assassination.

2009: With the death of King Hazo XVII his oldest daughter Lin-Mai is set to be coronated as the first female ruler of the country in its 4000 year history.


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Re: Your country's history

Post by JacobS. on 12th March 2009, 20:58

Perthshire unified by Pheonix King Hazo after defeating Sun God Glinka in a legendary battle at Perthshire Palace. The two symbols the Sun and the Phoenix are combined to create the Perthsherian Flag.

nice legend. explains the flag. I have found the topic of my next timekiller!
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Re: Your country's history

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