Start of the New Year Preperations in Hiigara

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Start of the New Year Preperations in Hiigara

Post by hiigarar on 26th December 2009, 21:45

Hiigara has no Christmas celebrations, because we are a kran'et followers. So the most importened celebration for Hiigarans is the start of the new year. From Monday the religious and state holidays will begin the Hiigaran, the most interesting is the Week of Silents every day the Hiigarans must pay tribute to there duty, mostly for the Sajuuk. At 15-00 every day the transportation stops and every one must start praying or to start meditating to show respect to there gods. And bellow is the celebrations in Pizen of 2009.

Also tomorrow will be the remembrance of the start of the Genocide of the Hiigarans on earth and the destruction of Terra-Hiigara. This is the most horrible day in Hiigaran History and all will be invited to visit the remembrance memorials in your country. Also i will ask that there be a list made where every nation can tell if they have a Hiigaran District or a Hiigaran Society living in there country. We have information of the biggest communities in Hypertrophy (The largest on Earth, thanks to quick mission to safe Hiigarans on Terra-Hiigara) and in Holdia (Where the biggest Kran'et Temple was build thanks to the support of Holidian Government)

Also we will soon start the Slavic Celebrations in Hiigara. Mostly Pagan celebrations and few christrian. We will soon tell more about them.
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Re: Start of the New Year Preperations in Hiigara

Post by Peter on 27th December 2009, 21:21

very nice! Can't wait for the new years as well Smile


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