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The Shield

Post by Thomas on 11th March 2011, 19:10

Fight for Fuel

Today The Shield launches it's campaign for a reduction in the cost of fuel. Currently Cattala's unleaded fuel has hit a record high of £1.04, a rise of 14p this year alone. Diesel is also expected to surge past £1 a litre this week as well.Taxation accounts for a shocking 70% of this fuel cost - and we want that DOWN. The cost of fuel will hit everybody hard - food prices have already risen and inflation is at 4%. If the price continues to rise then jobs will be lost and business will close. That's why today The Shield is launching it's Fight for Fuel campaign, in which we will petition the Government to reduce the taxation on fuel to help out all the hard working people of Cattala.

To sign our petition, go online to and click on Fight For Fuel.


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Re: The Shield

Post by Neil on 12th March 2011, 02:46

The Killorglinian government supports The Shield campaign and encourages the Catalan government to increase fuel duty substantially whilst imposing a maximum price cap on fuel.

This is will give workers of Cattala a well needed financial break, whilst encouraging fuel companies through lessened profit from fossil fuels to research and promote clean, safe and green alternatives.
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