2011 SSRF Rugby World Cup

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2011 SSRF Rugby World Cup

Post by alex on 10th April 2011, 10:36

As some of you may know, in September this year the Rugby World Cup will take place in New Zealand. And luckily for you (!) there is going to be a SimCity equivalent. Within this topic I am officially inviting all AIN members to sign up to the SSRF and compete in this event. You simply need to enter your team here by signing up for the SSRF. You could also enter by giving me the following information:

(can be coat of arms)
Picture of Home Stadium
Stadium Capacity
Home Jersey
(I can make you one, just give me the kit manufacturer and colours, design etc)
Region (North America etc...)

Not only will this allow you to compete in the Rugby World Cup, you can compete in friendlies, the Super Six tournament and any other competitions members may think of. So, if you would like to compete, please do and sign up now.
Thanks for Reading
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