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Post by MiguelLeal on 4th July 2011, 16:51

The Mediterranean Summit will be the first time in AIN that all the Mediterranean AIN members will be together to decide and to propose ways of unification of treaties and accords between Fairview, Cattala and Hiigara. This summit will be held in Fairview capital, Bruxelas, from 12th to 14th July and the recent pavilions for the Simlympics will be the venues for this meeting. Also, the non-Mediterranean member states can be observers in this summit. During this summit we are going to discuss these topics:

-Weakness of Mediterranean economies;
-Fishery common projects;
-Creation of better mutual relations;
-Educational and History projects;
-Discussing about AIN in general;
- ... Many others...

:ain:Fairview - Cattala - Hiigara Mediterranean Summit :ain:

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