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Post by MiguelLeal on 20th December 2011, 16:20

AIN Snow Event 2011

Everyone is welcome to the Snow Event 2011! This year the fantastic event is different with new and better things. Thinking on logistics we decided that the most convenient was to decide a host city near the mountains instead of different events in different cities around the whole country. So, as you already know the city where this will occur is in Mentapi located in the base of the highest lands of Fairview, with the maximum point of 2.746, Todorca Pic. With two sectors of snow resorts you can travel around the mountains with your skis and snowboards. The sector of Porta das'Neves is highly recommended for beginners while the sector of Cume-da-Serra has more sloped and difficult pistes. With many hotels around the sierra and in the city and villages you can rest in peace while it snows outside. Also, many entertainment events will begin on 23rd of December to provide full diversion around 24 hours a day.
But this year the deepest alteration is that every country is invited to show its Xmas and New Year traditions, during all the event.

New things this year:

  • -Instead of different events in different cities, this year we will have a host city and events around the sierra;
    -Not only Fairview traditions are showed but also the other countries are invited to show them;
    -Special events for children (like Disney Snow Park);
    -Hotels discounts to provide an anti-crisis holiday;
    -Streets animation (only in Mentapi and in the high village of Bouro);
    -Christmas and New Year special celebrations (watching the fireworks trough a helicopter, for example);
    -Bus shuttle services from Entre-Os-Montes airport to Mentapi and to the snow stations in the sierra.

Date of end: 2nd January

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