New HQ in Nogovicka

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New HQ in Nogovicka

Post by hiigarar on 23rd December 2011, 04:01

Welcome to Nogovicka, if you don't know its the Alliance HQ City, which has important AIN offices. The city is located on the Black Sea and is "Nogovicka Special Zone", but is still in Albion Republic. I want to show you some improvements and changes to the HQ.

Nogovicka from the Birdview. You can see the old city and the Nogovicka Citi District.

Alliance HQ Building in Nogovicka. Located in the old city, it is located near Old Market District of Torzok. Also it easy to see one of the most famous monument in the city the Statue of Sajuuk Protector.

From higher offices you can see the Nogovickan Kremlin, build in the 1121 and was a place for the political life of the city. The central plaza of the old city and the Opera and Nogovickan National Museum is seen.

The Alliance HQ have 4 buildings scatered around the city from Bagotochi Palace which is the AIN Meeting Place and for events, to Alliance Building being the main building for everyday work, Alliance Convention Hall where conventions and other events can be held and the Matt Tower which has apartments for workers in the Alliance Building and rooms for visiters from AIN.

Pre construction of the building the district was a Trader District, feeled with many shops, warehouses and homes for foreigners. After 1953 invasion, the district was fully destroyed by battle between Albion Government and Soviet. The district was rebuild and plans for Alliance Tower wore proposed in place of destroyed warehouses.

The Old City and the modern apartment of the district Segesmundovskaja District, named after the Royal Family of Segesmund that ruled over Kushan-Lesov Kingdom and over Albion Kingdom from 1563-1603.

Night falls over the Alliance Tower and the old city.

Alliance Tower and the Old Market.

The Alliance Building. The new HQ of AIN in Nogovicka.

Nogovicka Citi a modern city, with Shabolov Tower looking over the city.

Old City. The historical heart of the city.

Segesmundoskaja District up close. It was for a long time in 1910-1950 a worker district, here risen the Socialist Party of Albion, which was banned after 1953. Right now modern apartments wore build in place of ruined old apartments.

Old City Plaza and the Segesmundoskaja District.

Old Alliance Tower, now the tower is sold to the private companies, but the name of Petrova Tower will be kept. Behind you can see the entertament district, here you can find many interesting venues from clubs, bars to big shopping centers. The place is often named the "Broadway". The name was given in 1930 with many lights apearing and adverstisment trying to be more bright.

The look at the city.

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Re: New HQ in Nogovicka

Post by Thomas on 23rd December 2011, 10:49

Great work Constantine - I really like it. Smile


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Re: New HQ in Nogovicka

Post by MiguelLeal on 23rd December 2011, 14:00

Yeah, me too. Wink

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Re: New HQ in Nogovicka

Post by ForthWall on 23rd December 2011, 15:02

Nice Smile

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Re: New HQ in Nogovicka

Post by Gregor on 23rd December 2011, 17:21

Cool Smirking

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Re: New HQ in Nogovicka

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