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Speech For President

Post by Guest on 15th September 2009, 15:22

With the resignation TehJacobzors and Kalnobia it appears that the AIN is now at another cross roads in her young life. We now are beginning to wonder what it will take to build a successful and more importantly long lasting union. As we sit now there are only a handful of active members, and the AIN lacks both prevalent leadership and recruiting to help build her ranks.

When the union first began I was one of the original 6 members who signed up for the union. Perthshire was just barely getting off the ground and I was looking to legitimize myself as a SC4 player in the community. The union saw a strong start with games and activities and new members coming in. Our strength rivaled the COFR and SCJU and it appeared that the original members had succeeded in creating a long lasting union that could truly be 'the greatest SC4 union'.

The summer came and we began to realize that things are not always as easy as they seem. Destructive members fought with original members leading to politicking and dirty behavior. After numerous attempts to quell the conflict peaceful the admins came to the decision to ban one of the destructive members and his removal lead to the dismissal of other members.

We seemed to have diverted the biggest test on whether the AIN could be long lasting at this point. But soon inactivity would prove to be the thing that plagued the union more so than the destructiveness of some of its members. As the school year replaced the summer we begin to see who is in the AIN for the long hall and who was in it for the summer. The time is now to expand our union through vigorous recruiting on simtropolis and sim city devotion. While the potential members are in school; where we can recruit them while they are 'busy' so that we know they will be in it for the long haul and not just the summer months.

At the same time it is time to fine tune our admissions process and it is time to come to terms with our at odd's feelings with the COFR. The leaders of both unions need to sit down and ease tensions between the two unions so that we can appear a fun loving, relaxed and active union as we truly are. We are currently apart of a union wide summit, yet it appears only Nate, Peter, Aleks, Max, Arahn and myself are interested in the future of this union. While I preached small at the start I do think 6 active members is pushing on the low side for active membership. I understand people are busy, I'm a music ed. student in college, I take 12 classes. I know people are busy. Yet I find time to post on here every day; this is not an unreasonable request. Do I play sim city 4 every day? No, do I post daily updates to my CJ? Hell I don't even have an active CJ here, but I keep active in the unions activities.

As we look forward to new elections we need to look at who will bring the most people to this union, who will take the union the furthest in membership numbers and activities. Who has presented ideas in the past that have worked and has a plan to help the union in the 2010 year. I have that plan but I'll need all of your help to forge a recruiting path. I'll need you guys to help host events and to represent the union as respective, active members on simsports, simtropolis, and sc4 devotion.

AIN Presidential Candidate


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