Peter for Vice President

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Peter for Vice President

Post by Peter on 15th September 2009, 21:08

Candidate Profile: Peter Reyes
Vice President Candidate

Being a Vice President would be a great honor to me. I think that I should be Vice President of AIN because:

  • I am an active member of AIN.
  • I have helped a great deal into the union.
  • I have been constantly organizing the forum's structure, banners and overall state.
  • I have been a peacemaker, I haven't gotten into any major fights with anyone here.
  • I'm a trusted member, and an experienced member at that.

What will I do as Vice President?

  • I will help maintain peace into the union along with the President.
  • I will promote the union to major sites.
  • I will continue to organize events and make sure that they run smoothly, along with the president.

:aoin: :aoin:


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