Max Cormier for VP and Transport minister

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Max Cormier for VP and Transport minister

Post by cormiermax on 15th September 2009, 21:20

I believe there are many reasons i should become Vice President and Transport minister, Here are a few Laugh

I am well known around the SC4 world, Examples like Simsports, COFR, simtropolis ect
I have leadership skills as i was the president of the Scandia union after an application drout, Once my presidency kicked in we saw an influx of new members.
I am commented to the union and i would very much like it to grow into its full potential.

Some things i would do as Vice President

1. I will start an aggressive ad campaign to drum up new members
2. I will begin relations with all unions around the SC4 world
3. I will work hard to give the AIN a new website

I believe with all these reasons you should vote for me, Max Cormier for Vice President! Laugh

As Transport minister i will...

Develop a new program called AIN connect, a series of highways and ferrie routes connecting many of our nations.
Make a new transportation forum
Create a new AIN air alliance
Create a new AIN space agency

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