Ask About Malenia or Kardalistan

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Ask About Malenia or Kardalistan

Post by JacobS. on 2nd October 2009, 04:41

Heck... why shouldn't I try it?

I saw this one was pretty popular, so I'll answer it beforehand: What is the main transportation:

Malenia: In rural areas, bus service is actually very popular. Outside of the cities, only 1/3 of the population owns a motor vehicle. In the cities, the car and taxi are heavily used. In urban areas, there are around 625 cars per 1,000 people. For those who can't afford a car or taxi ride, the tram is a good alternative. A tram ride only costs from 93 to 451 Lek (US$1-US$5) per mile.

Kardalistan: In the desert of the far eastern region of the country (near Uzbekistan), busses run through the almost barren national highways. Bus stops are usually ~30mi. apart, so the usual commute to a bus stop is by bicycle. In the mountains, many people work in small cities of ~12,000. Most of these cities are tightly packed, encompassing very little land, making commodities such as parks, businesses, and government buildings very walkable. Large cities such as Vadi and Koliz are hugely backed up by traffic, as cars are extremely popular and very available. In the impoverished northern coastal area, it is not uncommon to see people driving golf carts.

So, ask away, make sure you let me know if you're asking about Malenia, Kardalistan or Both.
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Re: Ask About Malenia or Kardalistan

Post by Aranho on 2nd October 2009, 16:14

Does the Malenia or Kardalistan Government plans to have any space programmes in future? If so, please specify the type and the estimated cost of such programmes.

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