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EduAssist v2

Post by ForthWall on 13th March 2011, 19:14

EduAssist is a Program that helps those students that are facing financial problems which may affect his or her school fees. Under EduAssist, students will no longer need to be stress by financial difficulties.

EduAssist only applies to AIN countries that does not provide free education. For countries that provide free education, these countries could help to contribute funds into the EduAssist and the funds will be distributed to the needy students.

EduAssist helps to student in all aspect of his/her education. The following aspects will be covered: textbooks, assessment books, recess food, public travel fees, school bus and school admistrative fees. EduAssist will only provide funds to the student depending on his/her family's total financial income.

EduAssist will also give students grants in forms of scholarships to help students to pay for their schools where schools cost money or Colleges.

Different countries will have different ways of giving out EduAssist funds to students.

Although EduAssist is brought back Bursary Awards, will not be continued ; Reason : EduAssist will now contain ScholarShips.

EduAssist Qualified Nations will be received through the Education Census

EduAssist Qualified Nations

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